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The Divorce Process

In any divorce matter, it is important to protect your rights as early as possible. The first step is to secure sound legal advice from a divorce attorney. By doing so, you are able to use their expert advice to your advantage.

The decisions you make at the time of separation and during the divorce process are critical to your rights and likely to the outcome of your case. Most people going through a divorce have many questions and are not sure what the divorce process entails. Ms. Veiga can answer your questions, give you peace of mind, and guide you during every phase of your divorce matter.

Contested Divorce


Contested Divorces are those divorces where both spouses cannot come to an agreement on all issues regarding division of assets and debts, alimony, child custody, and child support. Nevada is a "No-Fault" state. You cannot contest the dissolution of the marriage, but the terms of the aforementioned issues can be disputed. Contested divorces do not have to be mean-spirited and ugly, though we often handle such matters. Most divorces begin as contested divorces and are subsequently settled after negotiations and/or court hearings between both parties and their attorneys.


Uncontested Divorce


Uncontested divorces are those divorces where you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues relevant to your divorce matter. Your agreement must also comply with Nevada law. We encourage uncontested divorces whenever possible. However, truly uncontested divorces are rare, especially if there are significant assets/debts and/or minor children involved. Verbal discussions and "agreements" with your spouse are one thing. Putting "pen to paper" is quite another. Again, we encourage uncontested divorce matters, but you should not be surprised or disappointed if it does not work out that way.

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