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Nevada Prenuptial Agreements


Prenuptial agreements serve to protect both parties in the unfortunate event of a divorce. While people get married with the expectation of their marriage not ending, the unfortunate reality is that some marriages do end and there are ways to protect your interests in the event that your marriage does not go as planned.


Premarital agreements serve to protect both assets and income. Generally, any property you acquire during a marriage will be considered community property. This is regardless of whose name the property is placed in at the time of purchase. Likewise, any wages earned during a marriage are considered as belonging to the community. There are also instances where business and rental income can be considered community income if one owned the business or rental property before the marriage.


A prenuptial agreement can be structured so that property and debt acquired during the marriage remains the separate property or debt of the two spouses. Wages and other income can also be kept separate. Las Vegas family law attorney Soraya Veiga has experience in the preparation of prenuptial agreements. You need an experienced attorney to prepare your agreement. Call (702) 686-3371 to schedule your initial consultation.


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