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Paternity is an important part of Nevada family law. Determining parentage is a requirement for the Court to decide various other issues. There are situations where a man is denying he is the father of a child. Also, there are situations where a mother will be falsely or incorrectly claiming a man is the father of her child. Attorney Soraya M. Veiga has handled numerous paternity cases, on both sides of the issue, for Las Vegas residents.


Paternity disputes arise in a number of instances. These cases can involve divorce, child custody, child relocation and child support. The first step in determining paternity is to request that the Court issue an Order for paternity testing. There will be a hearing where the Court will Order that testing be conducted. There will be a second hearing shortly thereafter. If the paternity test is negative then the case is over. If the test is positive the Court will arrange temporary child custody and visitation schedule until a permanent order is established. Any Nevada legal issue involving a child cannot be resolved until paternity is established.


Soraya handles all matters personally. This means you will be dealing with your attorney and not support staff during your paternity case. This ensures that you will be up to speed throughout the process and that you will always know what the next step is going to be. Soraya maintains regular contact with her clients in all paternity cases and also meets with them on a regular basis. Contact us online or at (702) 686-3371 to schedule your initial consultation.

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