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Nevada Grandparent Rights Lawyer


Many people are important in a child’s life. Quite often a child will have a strong relationship with someone who is not a parent. It is often in a child’s best interests for a grandparent or another person who has lived with a child to maintain relations with the child after the parents divorce or, unfortunately, one parent passes away. If you are a grandparent or other third-party and you wish to maintain a relationship with a child then contact us today.


The law allows for Las Vegas grandparents to petition the Court for child visitation. These cases often arise due to divorce, the termination of one parent’s parental rights, the incarceration of one parent, or the unfortunate death of one parent. In such a case the grandparent seeking visitation must show that it is in a child’s best interests for the grandparent and the child to remain in contact with one another. In such a case the Court will begin with the standpoint that the grandparent should not have visitation and it is up to the grandparent to prove that visitation is appropriate.

Soraya has handled numerous grandparent visitation cases in the Clark County Family Courts. Soraya understands the need for children to maintain their familial relationships in certain situations. Contact our office at (702) 686-3371 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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