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Child Support


Our children provide us with some of life’s best experiences. Children also require love and support. Part of this support is financial as children have needs such as food, housing, and school supplies. It is important that parents meet their obligations and support their children. There are also instances when parents are already paying their fair share and the other parent is simply attempting to use child support as a way of gaining additional funds for themselves.

Attorney Soraya M. Veiga, assists people with ensuring that they are either paying or receiving the correct amount of child support.



Nevada generally bases child support off of a parent’s income. A parent will generally pay eighteen percent of his or her gross monthly income in support for one child. This amount rises to twenty-five percent for two children and continues to rise for additional children. These amounts are subject to limits and, regardless of the paying party’s income, child support will generally not exceed the limits. Under certain circumstances, however, the Clark County Family Court has authority to vary from this formula. Variations may take place if the child has special needs, if the paying parent is supporting children from another relationship, or if other circumstances justify a variation. Calculating child support is not always a straightforward matter and will also depend on your child custody arrangement.


Child support matters arise in many contexts. Determining the correct amount is an issue in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child relocation, and paternity. Las Vegas child support attorney Soraya Veiga has handled numerous child support matters as well as the cases they arise in. She is familiar with how the Court calculates support in various situations. Once retained, she will typically have your initial documents filed with the Court within 24-48 hours and will work to ensure that the amount paid is fair. Contact our office today at (702) 686-3371 to schedule your initial consultation.



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