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Las Vegas Adoption Lawyer


Adoptions allow for families to grow. They allow for children to gain new parents, new siblings, and other new relatives. Likewise they allow adults the joy of expanding their family. Nevada’s adoption process can typically be completed quickly. Contact today if you are considering a Las Vegas adoption.


Las Vegas adoptions often occur in conjunction with parental rights terminations. It is not uncommon for a parent to be the sole caretaker for a child after the other parent has gone missing in action. Such a caretaker may wish for his or her new significant other to adopt the child. Such an adoption can happen quickly once a parental rights termination has been completed. The first step of the process is to file a Petition for Adoption. Once the Petition has been filed then a brief court hearing, known as a “prove up,” will be held shortly thereafter. The Court will typically sign the Adoption Order, completing the process, at this hearing. Contact us today if you wish to begin this process.


While many adoptions occur after a case involving the termination of parental rights, many take place as the result of what is called a “Consent Decree.” This is typically a process where one parent has gained a new significant other and they wish for the new significant other to adopt the child or children. There are instances where the other parent will consent to such an adoption and such matters can be handled relatively quickly.


Soraya is a Las Vegas family law attorney practicing exclusively in the area of family law. She has handled numerous adoptions and is knowledgeable as to all aspects of the process. Our firm will process your adoption paperwork quickly and efficiently so the new life of both you and your children may begin. Contact her today at (702) 686-3371.

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